KHANNA & ASSOCIATES is a full service Law Firm handling all legal matters on Civil, Criminal, Business, Commercial, Corporate, Arbitration , Labor & Service subjects in law, in all courts as well as Tribunals. An individualized service by members with decades of experience ensures total satisfaction to the clients.

The firm relies on the latest computing and communications equipment to enable fast and cost effective services to clients. It makes complete usage of a practical and effective precedent development system to ensure uniformity and time management. The firm has adapted itself successfully to the modern day demands of global competitiveness and competence.

The firm possesses a wealth of experience in the field of Law for the last 50 years and is staffed with a team of energetic lawyers and has associates representing the firm. The Firm can satisfactorily provide these facilities and more for any work related to India. With the greater interest being shown in Indian operations, the firm is ideally suited to act as a window for clearer and updated view of India. In view of the increasing trend in recent legislation to make provisions for penal / punitive remedies, the firm is providing services in Criminal matters. The Firm is retained as Legal Counsel by large number of business houses.

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