Business Process Outsourcing

Customer Support Services
Customer support service (CSS) is the part of a company's customer relationship management (CRM) department that interacts with a customer for their immediate benefit, including components such as the contact center, the help desk, and the call management system. In today’s time for every company retention of customer is more important then bringing the new customers and for doing so is Customer service is very important and has its on vitality .
Technical Support Services
Technical support is an important part of the service function as it brings multiple resources together for the purpose of solving issues thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and also customer retention. It also increases the company’s revenue through cross selling and up selling of products or services .The Internal help desk helps in increasing employee satisfaction.
Telemarketing and collection services
Telemarketing and Collections is two sides of coin and have there own importance , Telemarketing Selling or marketing of products or services through telephone is a core need of every business and Our telemarketing services involve interaction with the potential customers for generating interest in products and services and also up-sell or promote and cross sell products to an existing customer base. We have capabilities in doing B2C and B2B campaigns.
Collections of outstanding payments and debts. This process requires meticulous follow up. The process should never attempt to spoil the relationship with the customer.
Lead Generation
Generation of quality leads is essential to a business. The idea behind lead generation is to get in touch with the prospective customers and to create an interest in their minds relating to the company’s product by highlighting its advantages and benefits. Our outbound call centers consists of specially trained personnel who procure leads of prospective customers through various ways that makes the customer to share his/her details spontaneously. Our team will be provided with adequate product knowledge which helps them in generating leads and providing effective services to our clients.
Data Entry Services
Syncronisers provides highly accurate Data Entry and Data Processing services to its customers. Syncronisers follows high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and total confidentiality while working on all the projects . And in data entry services, the data is re-keyed to provide 99.95% accuracy. Outsourcing of non-core but sensitive and critical data processing functions to Syncronisers has reduced costs, increased profitability and delivered greater core value and operational excellence to our customers.
Data Processing Services
Data processing is a critical activity in an organization. It’s a time consuming activity and needs to be accurate. We offer data processing, data mining, data cleansing, new database creation etc. for various departments in an organization like Marketing, R&D, HRD, Accounts & finance etc.
Data Conversion Services
Syncronisers Data Conversion Services provides complete back-end XML, HTML, SGML and PDF conversion and repurposing services for content creators, aggregators, publishers, libraries, government agencies, law firms, financial printers and Global 2000 enterprises.
Syncronisers Data Conversion Services aggregates your paper and digital data, analyzes and architects data normalization, classification and conversion structures to meet your paper or electronic (DTD and style) output specifications and then builds the associated automation tools and processes.
Our proprietary content conversion automation software is customized to each project to provide "Single Source Workflow" where your data is processed once, then can be automatically output in any or many of your preferred XML, HTML, SGML, PDF or paper formats.
Scanning & Ocr Services
Today the manual labor data conversion being replaced by machines, using Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR / ICR Processing) technology has become a viable option to meet most of the medium and large-scale business requirements. The technology that allows to transform paper documents into editable computer files has been proved as the best alternative to manual data capture/typing in terms of cost, time, accuracy, perfection, and quality.
Editing & Indexing Services
Syncronisers Editing and Indexing services will do all your tedious and time consuming job with most reliable and latest technology.
Where in we Edit and Index physical paper records and then convert it into electronic format which are then tagged, organized, and archived in searchable customer databases Indexing include records management ,Indexing business continuity and business process automation , and Editing of knowledge databases etc.
Form Processing Services
Forms processing is the conversion of paper or other documents into digitized images. These images can be easily organized and quickly retrieved, indexed and archived. When files are scanned or electronically converted. A high resolution digital copy is stored on a hard drive or optical disc. Templates, or electronic index cards, can have information attached to them, such as author, reference number, date created, or key words. Files can still be viewed, printed, shared and stored. The access to these documents depends on the level of security that the system administrator has assigned to the user.
Internet/Web Research
SyncronisersWeb Research team has visited millions of websites, gleaning valuable website data. Our efficient knowledge management systems can access and organize knowledge on any given topic of interest from a corpus of documents within in a stipulated time .

Legal Process Oursourcing

Syncronisers is specialized in legal knowledge services outsourcing to India for law firms and corporate legal departments. Our professional, dedicated teams of legal knowledge associates are made up of lawyers with vast work experience. Syncronisers is promoted by a more than fifty years old established Law Firm M/s. KHANNA & ASSOCIATES behind its back.
We offer a broad range of Legal Knowledge Services:

Intellectual Property Rights
Contract Drafting and Management
Litigation Support and Due Diligence
Legal Research and Analysis
Research and Analysis of a case provided by the client and writing a report in the format required by the client.
Paralegal Services
Patent Illustrations
Immigration Services
Bankruptcy Services
Legal Transcriptions Services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is one step ahead of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It started emerging in India around the turn of the century, when the global industries realized that apart from software development and technical support, knowledge work could also be outsourced. It involves transfer of business processes to other geographic locations; specialized domain specific knowledge and business expertise of a higher level rather than just process expertise.
KPO covers almost every business segment of an organization. Unlike BPO’s which mainly involve IT and customer care processes, KPO includes more important sectors like Research & Development, Legal Services, Learning Solutions, Business and Technical Analysis etc. Outsourcing of Knowledge Processes results in the increased productivity and efficiency of the organizations in a cost effective manner.
Training & Consultancy
Syncronisers provides broad range of in-house training courses including interpersonal skills, leadership, sales, finance and people management training. We work in both the private and public sector including Local Government, the Pharmaceutical industry, Entertainment, Hospitality, IT and Finance .
Medical Transcription Services
Syncronisers has staff of professional medical transcriptionists and quality analysts. Our medical transcriptionists and quality analysts are well-trained, well-experienced and dedicated individuals to give you better and accurate results . We make sure that our customers benefit from our efficient and complete solutions for speech recording, voice file transfer, document distribution, and storage at no additional cost.
Business and Marketing Research services
Business research
We provide business research services for banks, consultancies, corporate finance firms and information providers. Our capabilities include a range of advanced research and analysis services. Our business research team members have degrees in business management or commerce and have been trained on multiple databases used by investment banks and consulting firms. Documentation options include pitch books, PowerPoint presentations, and Word or Excel documents.
Market research
Market research services include sector and industry surveys, market data processing, and market analysis. Our market research group provides end-to-end services for the market research industry. Our market research team members have MBAs, post-graduate degrees in math and/or statistics and previous work experience in market research firms.
Investment Analysis report preparation
Investment Research services include sophisticated high-end research and analytics services supporting the equities, fixed income and corporate finance divisions of banks and buy-side firms. Our team members come with experience in global investment banks and research firms . Each investment analyst is a qualified MBA, CFA or Chartered Accountant.
Finance and Accounting advisory services
We support finance & accounts services through secured environment to ensure confidentiality and to prevent data leak. The various accounting services include internal audits ,financial statement preparation, general ledger maintenance, monthly and year-end closing assistance, payroll, sales tax return preparation, account reconciliations, accounts payable processing etc..
Book Keeping & Accounting Services
We do Tax Preparation for Individuals as well as Businesses at very economical rates. We offer to do 1 Individual return and 1 Business Return free of charge for you to see our quality for yourself. We support many major Tax software’s such as Intuits’ Lacerte and Creative Solutions' Ultra-Tax etc . Our highly skilled and professional team of Indian CPAs guarantee a quality serivce .
Content Re-writing and rendering
Syncronisers offer services of Content Writing, Article Writing, Copy Editing for all types of business requirements. Content is like a good representative of your company. The content should be unique, little aggressive, professional and balanced. It is like a long-term investment, which will keep generating revenues years after years.
IT- Enabled Services
Website Development
We focus on creating custom Website designing, Website hosting services, Website maintenance and support services, E-commerce solutions, Content Management Systems and other web based solutions through its expertise in the field and a talented pool of resources. We lay special emphasis on CUSTOMISED business needs of our client’s.
Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing includes SEO and additional online marketing tools you can use to gain the attention of potential customers and the search engines.
Internet marketing Service Includes :-
* Advertising using banner ads, Flash presentations and other interactive media to elicit active participation from recipients.
* Advertising using e-mails and online newsletters, is a form of permission-based, relationship marketing. Once people opt to receive periodic announcements about your products and services, you have the opportunity to convert prospects, retain customers and create value for your business.
* Advertising using Blogs, A blog is a regularly updated collection of content. From a business marketing view, blogs offer many benefits.
Graphic Designing
Graphics plays vital role Whether you are selling products or providing information about your company, the visual impact on the consumer can make the difference between success and failure.
We at STSS use the latest graphic design software’s and skilled graphic designers to create impressive logo design, brochure design, business stationery design etc. We have provided graphic design services to help our clients in creating brand identity for their company.
Off-Shore IT Staffing
We expertise in off shoring as we are TECH WING of leading outsourcing service providing firm (Syncronisers)based in India, We believe in making our clients Happy , May it be a personal dream or Professional , Think of taking long overdue vacation. Forget attrition as your developers will work and be managed at our end in India The developers will work and be managed at our end in India -following directives from your end. Now you can recruit and hire individual employees or a team of programmers, software developers, coders and designers; who will work for you exclusively, on your project/s, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis.
What We Do At Our End • Hiring / Firing / Retaining
• Provide infrastructure and security.
• Arrange interviews and selections.
• Maintain the programmers on our payroll.
• Attest programmer experience and credibility.
• Ensure programmers presence and output.
• Maintain auxiliary programmers to ensure backup and continuity.
• Enforce defined coding standards and styles.
• Provide daily/weekly progress reports.
What You Do At Your End
• Select programmers from our talent pool.
Hire your own team of programmers - recruited through us.
• Define coding standards and styles.
• Proceed with coding standards and styles defined by us.
• Delegate work to the programmers.
• Communicate continuously.
• Receive daily/ weekly updates.
• Pay a fixed retainer to Syncronisers.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.
We at Syncronisers provide tailored recruiting services as per clients business needs. With a vast knowledge and years of experience at our hands, we have been delivering quality RPO services across the continent.
What makes us different and unique form other service providers is our locations since we being based in India , which has wide pool of people looking for opportunities , we can provide more professional and skilled manpower on a comparative low cost .
Major reasons for Recruitment Process Outsourcing are :
• Cost benefits by outsourcing non core functions.
• 24×7 recruitment operations due to geographical advantage of India
• Reduce management and overhead cost resulting in more benefits.
• Create operational efficiency via addressing the shortage in skills and expertise within the organization